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About MN Fashion

About MN Fashion

MN Fashion is a limited liability company that distributes more than 200 of international luxury brands. The company was founded in 2013 in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. In the same year, we decided to enter the Chinese market. Our company has registered our first brand, MN Fashion, worldwide. Until now, we are the sole distributor of more than 10 MN-brand boutiques across China. 

MN Fashion is a platform that supply more than 200 luxury brands. The goal of creating this platform is to cater to the current development trend of the luxury market, providing one-stop luxury shopping experience for customers with needs, making them more convenient to purchase international top luxury goods.

MN Fashion Netherlands Headquarter only cooperates with brand officials and authorized dealers. We have first-hand sources of supply, which leads to a competitive price in the international market. We have a professional procurement team, rigorous procurement and sales procedure. Our supply chain invoices are well documented, and strictly follow the formal EU export declaration to ensure 100% authenticity.

The company operates a wide range of products, including all luxury goods related clothing, shoes, bags and other products. We offer various ordering methods in accordance to the needs of our customers such as pre-order and stock.


Since the beginning in 2008, we have been devoting to distribute luxury fashion goods all over the world. Fashion is about dreaming and making other people dream. That’s the reason why Aman and I started our journey in fashion business. We provide a wide range of fashion products for sons and daughters, husbands and wives, business men and women, intellectuals, and fashion leaders. We always keep in mind that everything we do, we do it for customer. The company grows rapidly over the years, and we are aimed to maintain products excellence and expertise for our customers.

Vision and mission

What you wear is how you present yourself to the world. Fashion is an instant language. When you wear something that makes you feel more creative, or more interesting, you will feel the most alive, and the most engaged with the world. MN Fashion’s vision is to inspire a more confident life by connecting people to fashion.

It’s our mission to be recognised as a most reliable place where customer can easily find the top fashionable luxury and the best suitable to wear. We offer the most compelling choices of luxury product, and give customer the most convenient shopping experience.